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 Yasha Yamaki

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Yasha Yamaki

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Yasha Yamaki
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Character Age: 22
Character DOB: August 17th
Gender: M
Family: Deceased
Orientation: Straight
Race: Human

Village Born: Hidden Mist Village
Current Village: Rouge
Clan: Yamaki
Rank: Missing Nin
Weapons: Chakra Infused Katana, Kunai Knives, Shurikien, Iron Chain.
Summoning: Wolves
Element: Lightning Element
Chakra Color: Dark Purple
Special Jutsus: Lightning Style: Thunder Wolf Strike. Lightning Style: Lightning Cage
Kekkai Genkai: (N/A

Likes: The Ladies, Money, Alcohol.
Dislikes: Selfish People, those who take advantage of others.

Biography: Born in the Village Hidden in the mist in the midst of a war, Yasha was always told to stay in the village where he would be safe. However, he was always adventures, always seeking to explore. His parents, being former Shinobi of the Hidden Mist, had all kinds of weapons from their days of being ninja. When Yasha found them, he would train with them in secret, wishing to one day become a ninja. As Yasha got older, he began to travel to the outskirts of the village, often visiting the old abandoned house there. He would always see the girl peering out at her from the window, but was too shy to say anything. Finally, she came out, and he instantly knew this girl was special, instantly knew that this girl was someone who he wanted to stay with.

The girl lived with him and his family for a while, but soon disappeared without saying goodbye. Yasha, saddened by the girls departure, spend all his time training and becoming a powerful ninja. Soon after though, the War reached the Village. Yasha's parent's were killed, Yasha just barely surviving. Soon after the attack on the village, an old friend of Yasha's parents found Yasha, healed him, took him away from the village, and eventually, trained him to be a proper ninja. Yasha, using these new found skills, fought in the war, and once it ended, left the Mist Village, the many memories of his past to painful for him to bear. Instead, he traveled the world, working as a ninja for hire.
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Yasha Yamaki
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