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 Kitsume Hinasu

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Kitsume Hinasu

Kitsume Hinasu

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Kitsume Hinasu

Character Age: 20
Character DOB: July 14
Gender: Female
Family: Dead
Orientation: Straight
Race: Fox Demon

Village Born: Mist Village
Current Village: Mist Village
Clan: Hinasu Clan
Rank Mizukage

Weapons: Katana, Sendon, and Kunai
Summoning: Kitsune wa shōkan (Fox summoning)
Element: water
Chakra Color: Green
Special Jutsus:  Kirigakure no Jutsu and Suiton Suiryuudan no Jutsu
Kekkai Genkai: Kitsune wa shōkan,

Likes: Peace, Children, Nature, animals and food.
Dislikes: War, loud noises and annoying people.

Biography: Kitsume grew up in a small, tight-knit family that lived just before the outskirts of the Mist Village. Her family was very well respected and powerful, but seen themselves as lovers and not fighters. There would be times where her father and mother would go away on missions, but usually tried to keep the peace unless fighting was the only option.

Life got a little boring at times due to the lack of excitement, but Kitsume wasn't complaining. While most of her friends had lost parents due to war, Kitsume was very fortunate to have both her parents live and healthy, but they would often be asked to contribute by helping protect the village. At that time, the war wasn't bad, but it was still raging on. Eventually, the war began to get worse and Kitsume's father had no choice but to leave to fight, leaving Kitsume and her now pregnant mother alone in the mist village.

Day turned to weeks, weeks turned to months, and eventually months turned to years. With no word from Kitsume's dad and they began to think the worst. Kitsume's mother had lost her unborn child and began to fall ill. As her mother got sicker, the family got poorer before there was nothing left in the house. Starving and desperate, Kitsume began to steal from local shops and vendors, scrounging around for anything so she could keep her mother and herself alive. Eventually her mother died, leaving a young Kitsume to survive on her own.

Years past and Kitsume learnt how to survive; stealing and begging for food, burning small sticks to keep warm. She had been able to keep her family house, but the house soon became overgrown with weeds and the roof began to sag in due to the weather. Kitsume never complained, however, since she was still grateful to have her house, even though it could hardly be called a house anymore.

As time went on, Kitsume would notice a little boy playing in her overgrown yard, but choose to keep to herself out of shyness. Although she was too shy to approach the boy herself, she longed to be with him; longed to frolic with him as if she didn't have a care in the world. She would watch him through her windows, hiding when ever he would turn his gaze towards the house. But one day while she was watching him, she noticed him take more interest in the house than usual and she began trying to find a way in. Panicked, she hid under the table, but was eventually found.

Thereafter, the boy would frequently visit her, keeping her company and bringing her food to eat. Kitsume began to grow to like the boy and eventually started to go on 'adventures' with him. Exploring areas she hadn't gone before. She allowed him to take her places and soon she found herself visiting his house. She would always be too shy to meet his parents, so decided to hide in the bushes. After countless times of visiting his house, she found the courage to introduce herself. Eventually his parents got it out of her that she was homeless and shortly after, she began living with them.

Kitsume was happy living with them, but found herself becoming more and more depressed at time went on. She loved the boy and his family as they loved her, but there was something empty inside her. When she turned 11, she left the house in search for a trainer, deciding never to return to that family. She desperately wanted to become a ninja like her father and eventually found someone who took her on as an apprentice. They traveled to the mountains to train in peace and as time went on, Kitsume got more and more stronger. She mastered the art of summoning and eventually her kekkai Genkai, but as time went on, her master grew older and older until he was too old to train her. At that point, Kitsume had already surpassed him, but choose to stay beside him until he eventually died.

Kitsume traveled back to the Mist village and eventually became the Mizukage of the village, vowing that she would put an end to the war and protect her village from danger. She never returned to that family she left years ago, but often wondered how they were.
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Kitsume Hinasu
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