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 katahara clan: feral kata and chimera sense

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katahara clan: feral kata and chimera sense  Empty
PostSubject: katahara clan: feral kata and chimera sense    katahara clan: feral kata and chimera sense  Icon_minitimeTue Apr 23, 2013 3:25 am

History: since before the inception of konogakure there has been the Katahara. During the great war before the five villages formed the Katahara were feared as the "mad dogs of the shinobi world" for their frightening senses. Founded by Zandu Katahara who was raised alongside the inuzuka clan in his youth. Even to this day he is considered a member of their clan. Because of the link of brotherhood the inuzuka and Katahara have always been on good terms and see each other as distant relatives..
Characteristics: perhaps the scariest thing about this ability is on the outside the user appears unchanged. It is inside that the change takes place.
Prerequisites: must be a member of the katahara clan as it is only taught to those they feel are a member of their family and it is a great honor. However to be recognized you must cast away your surname. Even men marrying into the family are expected to as the founder of the clan, Zandu Katahara, met his end at the hand of a close friend born outside of his clan.
Ability Description:Adept chakra control and application that heightens the senses.
Requirements:extensive training in chakra control to apply simultaneous use across the five senses. But due to their exclusive tendencies in rarely admitting outsiders most members of the clan are born with bodies with condensed chakra channels for better control. Great focus is required to split focus across more than three senses so a calm mind is key to be able to switch to the necessary senses. To this date Zandu Katahara is the only shinobi able to use all five senses simultaneously.
Eye of the hawk (eyes): chakra is focused at the base of the optic nerves to heighten clarity over short and long distances equally. Legend has it Zandu was able to see through concealing justu like the hidden mist jutsu due to his level of control.

Fugitive's bane (nose): chakra focused into nose for better sense of smell. Able to rival that of the inuzuka, whom Zandu worked closely with in his youth and applied this concept to all five senses.

symphonic sight(Ears): chakra focused into the eardrums to heighten sense of hearing to super human levels

curse of the hell hound(Taste): easily the least used of the application due to its grisly nature but the katahara are able to instant recall the blood of anyone they have ever tasted and identify it by focusing chakra in their taste buds. This is known by the clan as the "blood curse" and it is the highest threat ever able to be given within the clan because of its implication. Once tasted, the katahara member will not rest until they taste it again in the target's fiinal moments of life.

iron body(Touch): by spreading the chakra to just underneath the skin in key areas, the katahara are to reinforce their skin and increase its durability against physical attacks. This is the hardest skill to master because it requires both deft control and knowledge on where the opponent will hit to be effective. Zandu was said to use this art for the first time to win a decisive bout with the head of the hyuuga clan in his time. He focused his chakra to all 64 vital chakra points to guard himself against the 8 trigams and even the field to a bout of two taijutsu specialists, of which he was the superior.

Clan Field the katahara are strict and proud taijustu users, the only thing that technically qualifies as ninjutsu that they use is their chakra application techniques
.Clan Jutsu: the feral kata, animal based taijutsu stances that favor the characterists of their animal names.
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katahara clan: feral kata and chimera sense  Empty
PostSubject: Re: katahara clan: feral kata and chimera sense    katahara clan: feral kata and chimera sense  Icon_minitimeTue Apr 23, 2013 3:28 am

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katahara clan: feral kata and chimera sense
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