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 Shinta Sanada

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Character Full Name Shinta Sanada
[Character Image] Shinta Sanada 314px-Sc5-mitsurugi

(I'm not all that good at this anymore, and I haven't watched Naruto in many years, so please bear with me if I are sucks.)

Character Age: 20
Character DOB: February 25
Gender: Male
Family: Adopted son of Mifune
Orientation: Straight
Race: Asian

Village Born:Tetsu no Kuni The Land of Iron
Current Village: Konohagakure
Clan: Sanada

Weapons: A sword made from the pieces of Mifune's Kurosawa and his original Sora, now called Kuroisora
Chakra Color: Red
Special Jutsus: Can channel and fire chakra from the blade of his sword.
Kekkai Genkai: None

Likes: Maintaining his sword, honing his sword and hand to hand fighting skills, eating, women
Dislikes: Poorly maintained weapons, and unnecessary conflict.

Biography: Shinta was found by Mifune as a baby at the foot of The Three Wolves Mountain, branded with the mark of the Sanada Clan, a lost clan that was descended from the Oni that once roamed The Three Wolves Mountain, the Sanada clan was a clan of skillful sword and armor forgers. He was then raised by Mifune as his son, learning all of Mifune's sword skills, gaining his agility, and speed. He has mastered Mifune's technique of Iai, being able to draw his sword and strike before shinobi can finish their hand seals, and his ability to judge the weaponry skill of any new opponent after one clash. Mifune had taught Shinta the skills of the Sanada, to ensure the skills were never lost, for Mifune understood that Shinta was the last of his kind. When Mifune passed, Shinta forged a new sword by melting his own sword as well as Mifune's Kurosawa, never allowing the sword to leave his side. Soon after, Shinta left The Land of Iron to maintain all of his father's mediation work as the commander of the Allied Shinobi Forces during the Shinobi World War. He has recently found himself in Konohagakure, and has settled there to aid the village in any way possible while still maintaining The Land of Iron's neutrality.

(I tried writing this whole thing so it wouldn't interfere with any existing story arcs, but please correct anything I'm wrong about, I did a lot of wiki'ing lol.)
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Shinta Sanada
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