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 Slip Speed

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PostSubject: Slip Speed   Slip Speed Icon_minitimeThu Apr 11, 2013 6:27 pm

Type:Haminakata Clan personal

History: Speed as always been the deciding factor between life and death. Through battle, through war, and in life. The Haminakata clan has studied speed in such depth and trained in it in such harsh ways that they are able to move at such a speed that causes them to produce after images of themselves. Unlike clones the only basic use of an after image is to attack or give time to escape. one cannot use it to defend for its only an image of what was once there that the naked eye cannot keep up with. There are not traces yet of its excistance for its passed down through a secret traing only given to those of the Haminakata. Once the training is complete a FÅ«injutsu is then used on them to unlock the seal of ones mind of understanding speed. (kinda like when the gates are unlocked with Gai's and lee's Taijutsu training)

Characteristics: After images. it does not have any effect on the person's personality but if touched the person would feel as if they're vibrating. Also this cannot be kept up for long. After a minute the person becomes exausted, 2 minutes his muscles would begin to stretch sometimes causing thear own flesh to tear from the strain. 3 minute.... no one has live after the third minute.

Prerequisites: Its a clan only training but if wished one of the Haminakata can train one in its arts if they succeed in its training. its would be known as a level 3 training.

Ability Description: The ability allows ones to create after images of himself that last for about 3 seconds after the person has vanished from the point. these are not to be confused with Kagebushins. They have no Chakra. Cannot perform or emit anything with Chakra. not can be touch by anything. Slip speed also allows the person to move up to 1600 mph at top speed oon a clear path with nothing on the ground or to dodge but this is and intantaneous use of slip speed and the use of it tears the flesh as if was in slip speed for 2 minutes. The average speed of the Haminakata using Slip speed is about the same as mach 1 which is roughly around 768 mph.

Kekkei Genkai/Clan Ability: Clan ability


Clan Field Kenjutsu/Taijutsu

Clan Jutsu: Clan exclusive Jutsu.
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Slip Speed
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